Don’t be fooled by the Japanese government! ! About the slave manufacturing scheme of the international student system


Don’t be fooled by Japan’s scholarship system! !

For example, Asahi Shimbun

He deceived an international student and forced him to work 40 hours, then refused to pay him wages for 12 hours, claiming that the international student was not allowed to work more than 28 hours.

This kind of thing is happening all over Japan

Prime Minister Kishida called it a treasure.

I guess Keidanren wants slaves.

Making foreign students do black labor with low wages while dangling preferential treatment such as scholarships

It’s similar to how America treats illegal immigrants.

A Japanese NPO tries desperately to persuade you to return to your home country through deportation.

The group, whose main members are 2nd and 3rd generation foreigners residing in Japan, aims to collect the money that flows from subsidies to NPOs using refugee application permits to pay high lawyer fees, and to deduct those high lawyer fees from the government. How NPOs that pay with subsidies can also make money from kickbacks from lawyers

Taking advantage of the fact that refunds are tax-free, they deceive the Japanese people and siphon taxes from the government by enslaving and sacrificing international students and trainees who come to Japan.

Moreover, Prime Minister Kishida’s younger brother is at the center of all this.

In other words, members of the Diet are taking the initiative in running this public money sucking system.

Prime Minister Kishida really meant it when he said that foreign students are a treasure.

It’s slavery, deceiving international students until their refugee applications are approved, and ordering targets detained by the immigration authorities to fast, which has actually led to deaths.

The Immigration Bureau took the situation seriously and put pressure on politicians to pass legislation to force people to return to their home countries, but there was no way to fundamentally solve the scheme.

NPOs are also brainwashing international students into lobbying activities, telling them that the Japanese are to blame and the government is to blame.

Warning from the Japanese

Coming to this hellish Japan as an international student is suicide.

I definitely prefer my own country

Japan is already in hell just like America.

Don’t be fooled by the Japanese government’s sweet words.

What we are doing is the same as what America, France, England, and Portugal did during the Age of Discovery.

This is a devil’s pact that does not force slaves to come to you, but tricks people into becoming slaves themselves.

Please, please cherish your life.

I want you to know that being born in your own country and dying in your own country surrounded by your family is the happiest thing.

Please don’t let your life be manipulated to make money for this shitty Japanese government.

No matter how you look at it, it’s easier to work hard and succeed in your own country.

Japan is no longer a developed country

It’s a finished country that’s only going into decline.

Become prey to America and eventually become like Argentina.

If Japan ends, China may be next.

maybe korea

maybe indonesia

maybe india

It is better to stop being used for the operative activities of money-grabbers in Japan.

It is better to do activities to protect your country in your own country.

If you can go back, you should go back to your country.

Don’t be fooled by the Japanese government! !


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